How Do You Clean Velvet Hangers

How Do You Clean Velvet Hangers?

Velvet hangers are one of the most popular hangers. If you are a Velvet hangers user and want to keep these fresh and clean all time you have to maintain some technics.

01. Pour enough water into a bucket. Mix up ⅛ baking soda with water.

02. Soak the hangers in the solution for about 15 minutes.

03. You can use a brush or this type of instrument to clean the hanger’s interior part.

04. Fill another bucket with pure water and wash the hangers properly.

05. Now let them dry and be ready to use your fresh, cleaned hangers.

Can You Hang Wet Clothes On Velvet Hangers?

No, it would help if you didn’t hang your wet clothes on Velvet hangers. The Velvet hanger’s color can quickly transfer to your damp clothes. So be careful about using your hangers. Maybe you should check hangers maintenance rules with do’s and don’ts.

Do Velvet Hangers Get Dusty?

Yes. Like all other hangers Velvet hangers get dusty, especially if not cleaned for a long time. On the other hand, white velvet hangers almost attract dust, human and pet hair, cracker crumbs, etc. It is prone to stains and is sunlight-sensitive. Whatever, you can handle these tricky matters by abiding by some maintenance and cleaning habits.

What is the advantage of velvet hangers?

There are many useful things in velvet hangers. The most noticeable advantage is the velvet hangers are thin and help you to gather more clothes in your closet. The best velvet hangers include a soft shoulder curve to keep clothing without leaving wrinkles or bumps. Velvet hangers also have a hard hook that is enough to fit over any type of standard closet.

Do Velvet Hangers Stain Clothes?

Usually, velvet hangers don’t stain or ruin your clothes. But if you put your damp cloth on velvet hangers it can create stains on your clothes.

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