Medical scrubs are a type of clothing worn by healthcare professionals to protect them from potential infection and prevent the spread of disease. Medical scrubs are available in a variety of colors and styles and can be tailored to fit any body type. They are often worn over uniforms or other clothing, but can also be worn standalone. Medical scrubs are made from a variety of materials, including cotton, polyester, and linen.

How To Wash Your Scrubs In Washing Machine?

Like all other clothes scrubs also need washing. But scrubs washing is much more important than all other clothes. Because they have special uses that primarily help to prevent us from affecting any disease. So if you are one of the daily users of scrubs wash them after every use. Here are some tips on how to wash your scrubs properly in the washing machine.

Step 01

You need some items that will help you to make your scrubs clean and fresh.

  • Cleaning Solution (like liquid detergent)
  • Laundry Disinfectant
  • Washing Machine
  • Dryer Machine (If any)

Step 02

First, Turn your scrubs inside out. After turning on your washing machine switch it in the delicate cycle, on cold water. Add enough liquid detergent (Laundry detergent). Then place your scrubs inside the washing machine with one or two towels. These will help them while cycling.

Step 03

Once the washing machine stopped take out your scrubs and check if any hard stains are still available on them. If any give them an extra hand washing to remove the stains permanently. You use specific stain removers for clothes. After removing perfectly wash your scrubs with cold and normal water.

Step 04 (If Needed)

If you want to disinfect your scrubs you can use a laundry disinfectant after washing and removing stains. Mix up enough disinfectant solution with water then dip your scrubs in it and let sit for about five minutes. Afterward, wash them with normal water.

Step 05

After completing washing it’s time to dry your scrubs. You can give them a natural dry. But cleaning experts advise you to dry and store your scrubs as soon as possible. Because germs and bacteria can accumulate in your scrubs while naturally air dry. So always try to use a dryer machine to dry your scrubs quickly.

How To Handwash Your Scrubs

How To Handwash Your Scrubs?

If you are a scrubs user but don’t have access to the washing machine or you are far from your home don’t worry you can hand wash your scrubs. Here are some easy ways to wash them.

Step 01

Gather some essential items to clean and make fresh your scrubs.

  • Laundry Detergent
  • White Vinegar
  • Distilled Water
  • A Bucket or A Bowl

Step 02

Fill the bucket with distilled water and mix up enough laundry detergent with it. If you don’t have distilled water you can make it yourself at your home.  Soak your scrubs in the mixed solution. Let them sit for five to ten minutes. Now simply scrub each part with another. Afterward, wash them with pure water.

Step 03

When the normal wash method has ended, check your scrubs if any specks of dirt or stains are still available on them. If any use a cloth stain remover to remove it permanently. Then wash them again with pure water.

Step 04

Now it’s time to disinfect your scrubs. There are two ways to disinfect your scrubs. One of them, using disinfectant with the cleaning solution while cleaning with distilled water. Or you can disinfect separately after washing your scrubs. Mix up white vinegar with water and dip your scrubs into it. Take out your scrubs after five minutes then wash them thoroughly.

Step 05

Try to make your scrubs dry as fast as possible. It will save them from accumulating dust or bacteria in the air. For this the best way to use a dryer machine. It will dry your scrubs quickly and save them from any type of germs and bacteria. 


Can you wash scrubs with regular clothes?

No, you should not wash your scrubs with your other garments. Another laundry can spread out germs and bacteria to your scrub. So be careful about your scrubs. You can place one or two towels in if you are washing your scrubs in the machine. It will help to perform the spin while cycling.

Can scrubs go in the dryer?

Yes, a dryer is the best option to dry your scrubs. Although you can air dry your scrubs there is a risk to add disease elements to them.

Should I wash my scrubs in warm or cold water?

Always wash your scrubs in cold water. Many peoples think that hot water will make their scrubs clean and fresh. But this method can shrink your scrubs and reduce their durability. Experts choose to wash scrubs in cold water. 

How often should scrubs be washed?

Wash your scrubs after every use. Don’t be lazy about this. You should have at least two scrubs if you are a daily user. Clean and disinfect them every day after use. Never reuse your scrubs before washing and drying them properly. Always store them in a safe place that is free from air flowing.

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