When searching for the best vacuum wowcontent, it’s common to feel overwhelmed by the multitude of options available. There are numerous brands, styles, and models to choose from, not to mention a wide range of prices, starting from affordable options under $100 to high-end ones exceeding $1,000. While most vacuum cleaners are suitable for low- to medium-pile carpets and bare floors, it’s important to consider the specific surfaces you’ll be vacuuming to find the best vacuum cleaner for your home.

To assist you in making this decision, our experts are here to provide guidance. We will show you various types of vacuum cleaners, compiling lists of the top robot vacuums, high-performing HEPA vacuums, exceptional handheld vacuums, and more that are tested over the years. Our evaluations encompass both bagged and bagless, corded and cordless models. We assess the ease of maneuverability, the included tools, and the overall performance of each vacuum cleaner. Given that we conducted three separate tests for cleaning performance and suction for each model, our latest assessment of 20 models resulted in a total of 320 individuals. After thorough testing and data analysis, we identified the following models as

09 Best Vacuum Wowcontent in 2023

01. Bissell CleanView Bagless Vacuum

Bissell CleanView Bagless Vacuum

Product Description

The Bissell upright vacuum is highly regarded by customers on Amazon, receiving a rating of 4.6. While we haven’t specifically tested this particular model, we have tested several other Bissell vacuums with the same OnePass technology, which we included in our list of top Bissell vacuums. These models are known for their powerful suction and features that make them ideal for cleaning both hard floors and carpets.

Although it lacks some of the advanced features found in more modern vacuums, such as adjustable suction settings or a brush roll that can be turned off, it offers five height options to accommodate various floor types, ranging from bare floors to high pile carpets. It also includes a 6-foot hose for cleaning stairs and hard-to-reach areas, as well as a large dust cup that is easy to empty from the bottom. While this vacuum does not have a HEPA filter, it does have a pre and post-motor filter that should be replaced every three to six months.

Some other notable features we appreciate are a convenient on/off button that can be pressed with your foot, a TurboBrush tool similar to the motorized pet tools found in many other models, a retractable cord for easy storage, and on-board storage for all the included accessories.


  1. Versatile height adjustment for all types of floors.
  2. Convenient foot-operated on/off functionality.
  3. On-board storage for all included tools.


  1. The brush roll cannot be deactivated.

02. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Vacuum

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Vacuum

Product Description

The vacuum cleaner is packed with features designed to efficiently remove unwanted pet hair. It has a brush roll that prevents hair from tangling and clogging the bristles, while a hair spooling system inside the canister contains the mess, making it easier and cleaner to empty.

Similar to other top-quality vacuums by Bissell, this model includes useful tools such as a 2-in-1 pet dusting brush and a Pet TurboEraser Tool for picking up pet hairs. It performed well in our Lab tests, with powerful suction and user-friendly features. However, one downside is that it lacks a retractable cord, which could make storage more convenient.

When cleaning hardwood floors, some vacuums with hard bristles on the brush roll can cause damage by creating small scratches that ruin the sealed finish. The Pet Hair Eraser Turbo addresses this issue by offering a brush roll that can be turned off with a simple button click. It also provides auto-height adjustment and two suction options for different carpet types, although it is slightly heavier according to some reviewers’ preferences.

Although this vacuum doesn’t have a HEPA filter, its sealed allergen system effectively traps fine particles. Additionally, the filter incorporates Febreze technology to eliminate any stale odors that may be generated while vacuuming up pet hair.


  • The brush roll and dust cup efficiently handle pet hair messes.
  • Impressive suction power.
  • User-friendly design for easy operation.


  • A few reviewers deemed it too weighty.

03. Dyson V15 Detect Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V15 Detect Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Product Description

The V15 Detect is consistently ranked as one of the top stick vacuums due to its outstanding performance and impressive features. It received the Good Housekeeping Cleaning Award, primarily because of its bare floor brush that uses a laser to locate and remove even the tiniest debris that would otherwise go unnoticed.

While it comes with a relatively high price and lacks a HEPA filter, the V15 Detect compensates with its ability to automatically adjust suction and brush roll speed based on the floor type and the amount of dust detected during cleaning. Additionally, it includes a variety of useful tools such as a dusting brush, hair screw tool, and digital motor bar.

The vacuum features a clear LCD that shows the battery life and real-time performance metrics, such as the number and size of particles collected. Impressively, the majority of its reviews on Amazon are five stars, with one reviewer expressing, “This vacuum is the second thing I would grab if my house was on fire.”

The V15 Detect can be easily converted into a handheld vacuum, although it should be noted that it weighs over six pounds, making it somewhat heavy for extended handheld use.


  • Adaptive speed and suction based on dust detection.
  • Enhanced visibility of dust on bare floors with laser spotter.
  • Convertible into a handheld vacuum.


  • High-priced

04. ILIFE EASINE W100 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE EASINE W100 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Product Description

The Ilife Easine W100 is a versatile device that combines vacuuming and mopping capabilities to clean your floors effectively, handling both wet and dry messes. In our laboratory tests, we examined 11 wet-dry vacuum mop devices, evaluating their performance on various types of debris such as dry oats and wet stains like soy sauce on vinyl flooring.

Among the devices tested, the vacuum mop achieved the highest overall score, demonstrating excellent performance in all aspects, including handling wet and dry messes as well as scrubbing ability. It features two separate tanks, one for clean water used in the cleaning process and another for collecting dirty water. However, unlike most models we tested, it lacks a mechanism in the dirty water tank to separate debris from the collected water. Adjusting the water flow or completely disabling it can be easily done with the press of a button, and removing and reinstalling the water tanks is a simple process.

Once the cleaning is complete, like other similar appliances, the vacuum mop is placed on its charging base to undergo a self-clean cycle, which removes any debris left on the brush roll. While the self-cleaning function is not perfect, this model proved to be one of the most effective among the 11 models we tested. It features a washable HEPA filter and provides a runtime of up to 30 minutes, although it takes approximately four hours for a full charge. It is worth noting that while the W100 is lightweight, it does not automatically move forward when turned on, requiring some manual pushing to get it moving.


  • Top performance in handling wet, dry, and combo messes.
  • Washable HEPA filter.
  • Highly effective self-cleaning function.


  • Charging takes approximately four hours.

05. LG CordZero Stick Vacuum Cleaner Wet Mop All-in-One Tower

LG CordZero Stick Vacuum Cleaner Wet Mop All-in-One Tower

Product Description

The combo unit we’re discussing was another winner at the 2022 Cleaning and Organizing Awards held by GoodHouseKeeping. During our Lab tests, it performed exceptionally well by effectively picking up dry oats from carpets, hardwood floors, and tiles.

Although it comes with a high price tag, this unit is loaded with innovative features. It includes a wet mopping head that easily attaches to the wand and a base that not only charges the vacuum but also automatically empties its dust cup after cleaning. The Tower, as we call it, can hold more than three full dust cups of debris and has designated spots for each tool, including the extra battery that comes with the vacuum. However, it’s worth noting that this unit may not be ideal for small homes or apartments due to its significant floor space requirement.

One of the testers mentioned that they were able to effortlessly clean up hair in the nooks and crannies of their bathroom. However, they couldn’t justify the high cost of this vacuum. Although we haven’t personally tested the wet mopping attachment yet, we found some online reviewers who were unimpressed, stating that its scrubbing power was lackluster. It’s important to mention that the CordZero features a five-step filtration system with a HEPA filter both in the vacuum and the Tower.


  • All-in-1: Handheld vacuum, mop, and more.
  • Convenient stand charging.
  • Easy to use and empty.


  • The charging base is heavy and not easy to move around.

06. Miele Complete C3 Canister Vacuum

Miele Complete C3 Canister Vacuum

Product Description

This Miele vacuum has earned our GH Seal due to its exceptional cleaning performance on all types of flooring. In laboratory tests, Miele vacuums consistently outperform others in effectively picking up and containing dust and dirt.

Equipped with a parquet floor brush and a brush roll featuring five adjustable settings, this canister vacuum effortlessly cleans various surfaces, from hard floors to thick, plush carpets. Although it is one of the pricier options we’ve tested, it is highly regarded in our laboratory and is personally chosen by our Cleaning Lab executive director for use in her own home.

Allergy sufferers will appreciate the advanced filtration system, which includes a high filtration bag and a HEPA AirClean filter, effectively preventing the release of dust back into the air. The vacuum also features a retractable power cord and convenient storage for all included tools within the canister. However, according to some online reviewers, the vacuum’s small wheels tend to get stuck when pulling it along, and its weight of over 20 pounds can make it challenging to carry upstairs for some individuals.


  • Five power settings for versatile cleaning.
  • Features a HEPA filter for superior air filtration.
  • Works on all carpet types and densities.


  • Costly

07. iRobot Roomba s9+ Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba s9+ Robot Vacuum

Product Description

In the Cleaning Lab tests, the Roomba S9+ demonstrated exceptional performance by effectively picking up 99% of uncooked oatmeal, sand, and baking soda, as well as small nuts and screws from hard floors.

This robot vacuum stands out from the competition due to its ability to map and remember multiple rooms and floor plans. It excels in spot-cleaning small areas, surpassing all other robot vacuums in terms of speed and effectiveness. Although it comes with a high price tag, its valuable features make it well worth the investment. For instance, its carpet detection technology automatically increases suction power only when necessary, and its dual rubber roller brushes prevent clogging caused by pet hair, which is a common issue with bristle brushes. Additionally, when the battery is running low, the vacuum returns to its charging base. The dirt is then automatically transferred into a sealed, large-capacity bag, ensuring mess-free disposal. Once recharged, it resumes cleaning from where it left off.

While the charging base is convenient, it requires ample space for setup. It needs to be connected to a power outlet and must have at least 1.5 feet of space on both sides and four feet in front. Using the app, you can easily configure cleaning schedules, define no-go zones, and instruct the robot to clean one room at a time. Keep in mind that while the Roomba S9+ can navigate around large obstacles, it may struggle with smaller objects like cords and pet waste.

Overall, the Roomba S9+ offers outstanding performance, innovative features, and convenient functionality.


  • Best spot cleaning robot tested.
  • Automatically empties dirt.
  • Pet hair clog-free.


  • High-priced

08. Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

Product Description

Roborock S7 is a highly acclaimed robot that excels in both vacuuming and mopping tasks. It stood out from the competition in our tests by thoroughly covering the designated areas, leaving virtually no debris behind. Moreover, it effortlessly navigated around obstacles we placed in its way.

This robot is equipped with a wide range of features and is user-friendly. It comes with a smartphone app that allows you to monitor the cleaning path of the robot, set up no-go zones, create cleaning schedules, and even customize cleaning modes for different rooms in your home. When in mopping mode, the Roborock S7 utilizes sound waves to effectively remove stubborn stains from bare floors. The mopping pad automatically lifts when the robot detects carpeted areas, ensuring that it doesn’t wet them while vacuuming.

While the filter of the Roborock S7 is washable, it’s important to note that it is not HEPA certified and should be replaced every 6 to 12 months. In contrast to some other robot vacuums we tested, which struggled with mapping capabilities and frequently required re-mapping, the S7 impressed our experts with its multi-floor mapping feature. Additionally, it offers extra functionalities such as a child lock and highly responsive voice controls, earning it the GH Cleaning Award.

Similar to other robot vacuums, regular maintenance is crucial to keep the Roborock S7 in optimal condition. It’s important to routinely clean all its components and remove any hair entangled around the brushes or wheels. It’s worth mentioning that this robot does not come with a self-emptying charging base, so the dust bin needs to be manually emptied and the water tank refilled before each cleaning session. However, a compatible Roborock self-cleaning charging base can be purchased separately if desired.


  • Excellent mapping for thorough cleaning.
  • Vacuum and mop simultaneously.
  • Auto-lifting mopping pads for carpet detection.


  • No HEPA filter included.

09. Worx 20V Cordless Cube Compact Vacuum Cleaner

Worx 20V Cordless Cube Compact Vacuum Cleaner

Product Description

Introducing the next winner of the GH Cleaning Awards. The Worx handheld vacuum is far from your typical choice, boasting a unique compact and boxy design, a removable battery that is compatible with other Worx tools, and a convenient top handle.

In the rigorous Lab tests, it outperformed 18 other handheld vacuums and earned the highest overall score in categories such as carpet cleaning, bare floor cleaning, and pet hair pickup. While it excelled in all of our testing areas, we did observe that the brush attachment tended to retain some of the pet hair. Additionally, its dust cup is quite small, making it less suitable for tackling large messes. However, emptying the dust cup is a breeze with just the press of a button.

During our Lab tests, the Worx cordless cube ran for a respectable 23 minutes at low speed using a 2Ah battery, which is commendable for a handheld vacuum of its size. Moreover, it has the potential for even longer runtime with a higher-capacity battery from the same brand. Although it is slightly heavier compared to other handheld vacuums, the advantage lies in not having to hold it up while in use, and all of its tools can be conveniently stored onboard. This hand vac received a 3-star rating from QuietMark for its impressive and quiet performance. Furthermore, our consumer testers were enamored with the Worx vacuum, stating, “I loved it and I can envision taking it in the car trunk for those messy outings.


  • Easily washable HEPA filter
  • Battery can be removed and replaced
  • Operates quietly


  • Pet hair clung to the brush attachment during testing.

How to Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single universal vacuum cleaner that is perfect for everyone. However, there are several factors to consider that can help you make the best decision. But make sure you’ve already read the best vacuum wowcontent cause this will help you a lot to choose the perfect vacuum cleaner.

Bag or Bagless

Both types perform well in tests held in Cleaning Lab. Bagless models come with a dust cup and filter assembly that require frequent emptying and cleaning. The advantage is that you don’t need to buy bags or worry about running out of them.

However, they can be messy to clean and may not be suitable for those with dust allergies. Bagged vacuums are easier to maintain and are a great choice for allergy sufferers since all the dust and allergens are sealed in the dust bag. You simply need to dispose of the bag when it’s about ⅔ full. However, you will need to keep a supply of replacement bags on hand.

Power Source

Decide whether you prefer a corded vacuum, which limits how far you can vacuum until you find another outlet, or a cordless vacuum, which operates on battery life that needs to be monitored between charges.

Another option is a robot vacuum, which does the cleaning for you and automatically returns to its charging base when needed. However, the charging base must remain connected to a power outlet and should not be moved so the robot can find its way back after cleaning.


The attachments that come with your vacuum are equally important. A motorized power nozzle can help you clean carpets and rugs more efficiently, while a crevice tool is useful for reaching difficult spots that tend to accumulate dust, such as behind furniture. There are also tools like a mini-turbo brush that work wonders for removing pet hair from furniture.


Lastly, consider the space you live in. If you have a small apartment, you may want to consider a corded vacuum or one that doesn’t require as much battery life. If you have multiple floors, look for a vacuum with a longer run time and a larger dust cup. For homes with stairs, you’ll need a vacuum that can easily navigate each step while effectively picking up dirt and dust.

If you have a lot of carpet in your bedrooms, an upright vacuum cleaner or canister with a rotating brush roll will provide the best results. On the other hand, if you have hardwood floors, a vacuum cleaner with soft bristles or a brush roll that can be turned off is more suitable.

What is the best type of vacuum cleaner to purchase?

Although we have already discussed the best vacuum wowcontent above and the best to choose the suitable vacuum cleaner for individuals, here are some specific guidelines for specific needs.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

If your home mostly has wall-to-wall carpeting and is all on one floor, it is recommended to choose an upright vacuum cleaner. In our Cleaning Lab tests, upright vacuum cleaners have proven to be the most effective at removing deeply embedded dirt from carpets. Their heavier weight and the nozzle’s weight allow them to reach deep into the carpet pile for thorough cleaning.

However, uprights can be heavy to carry up and down stairs, so if your home has multiple levels and you prefer an upright, it might be worth considering having one on each floor. Most uprights come with onboard hoses, wands, and tools for vacuuming crevices, upholstery, and cleaning above-the-floor spaces like door frames and crown moldings. If you intend to use an upright vacuum on bare floors and low loop or pile rugs, it is recommended to select a model that allows you to adjust the nozzle’s height and switch off the rotating brush to avoid scattering debris and causing damage to flat and delicate surfaces.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

If your home has a lot of stairs and bare floors, a canister vacuum cleaner is a suitable choice. Many full-size canister vacuums come with a power nozzle that has a rotating brush, similar to an upright vacuum. This attachment is recommended if you prefer a canister and have deep pile carpets in specific areas such as bedrooms.

Otherwise, you’ll find a long, flat attachment or brush that can be used on bare floors and low, flat rugs. Canister vacuums can also be heavy, but they are easier to pick up and carry with two hands. They come with hoses and attachments for dusting, upholstery, and crevices. Due to their motor and canister placement, canister vacuums are easier to maneuver into tight spaces and use on stairs compared to uprights.

Stick or Pole Vacuum Cleaner

If you need a lightweight and quick solution for bare floors and low-pile rugs, consider a stick or pole vacuum cleaner. The cleaning performance of this type of vacuum has significantly improved, making it sufficient for many homes. Most stick vacuums are slim and can be conveniently stored in a corner or closet for speedy clean-ups.

They are available in corded or cordless options, and rechargeable ones typically run for up to an hour in our Cleaning Lab tests. To keep them fully charged and ready to go, they need to be plugged into an outlet. Having a second battery as a backup can be helpful. Stick vacuums usually have rotating brushes for efficient floor and rug cleaning and many can convert to a handheld vacuum or have one on board, essentially providing the functionality of two vacuums in one. They often come with attachments like dusting brushes, crevice tools, and charging stands for storage.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you prefer to have your cleaning done while you’re away or occupied with other tasks, a robot vacuum cleaner is an ideal choice. Robot vacuums utilize cameras and lasers to map their way around your rooms, ensuring they don’t miss any spots. Today’s robots are more advanced than ever, with most being controllable through a smartphone app and some even supporting voice commands.

Many robot vacuums can return to their home base for recharging and resume cleaning from where they left off. While robot vacuums are excellent for maintenance cleaning, they do not replace the need for a full-size vacuum. They are designed to fit easily under most beds and furniture, cleaning the spots that are often overlooked.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

If you require a compact tool for quickly cleaning up dry spills on bare floors and surfaces or for removing lint, pet hair, and other debris from fabrics or carpeting, a handheld vacuum cleaner is a good option. Some handheld vacuums come with hoses and attachments, while others can handle wet spills as well. They are available in corded or cordless versions and are easy to take outside for cleaning the car.

Why Trust BestCleaningTools?

Why Trust BestCleaningTools?

At BestCleaningTools, we understand the importance of making informed decisions when it comes to choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your cleaning needs. With our dedicated team of experts and meticulous reviewing process, we strive to provide you with the most reliable and unbiased information.

In-Depth Reviews

We conduct thorough evaluations of a wide range of vacuum cleaners, considering various factors such as performance, durability, versatility, and user-friendliness. Our detailed reviews and guidelines give you a comprehensive understanding of each product, enabling you to make an informed decision.

Expert Opinions

Our team consists of cleaning enthusiasts, industry professionals, and experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in the field. We leverage their expertise to deliver trustworthy advice and recommendations that you can rely on.

Unbiased Assessments

At BestCleaningTools, we prioritize objectivity. Our reviews are free from any external influences or biases. We present the pros and cons of each vacuum cleaner objectively, ensuring that you have access to unbiased information to make the best choice.

Real User Experiences

We value the opinions and experiences of actual users. In addition to our expert analysis, we collect and analyze feedback from customers who have purchased and used the reviewed vacuum cleaners. This allows us to provide a holistic view of each product’s performance and reliability.

Updated Information

We strive to keep our content up to date. As technology evolves and new models are introduced, we continuously update our reviews to ensure that you have the latest information at your fingertips. Our dedication to staying current ensures that you can rely on our recommendations.


At BestCleaningTools, we believe in transparency. We disclose our reviewing process, methodology, and any affiliations we may have with manufacturers. Our goal is to build trust with our readers and provide transparent information to assist you in making the best choice.

When it comes to finding the perfect vacuum cleaner, you can trust BestCleaningTools to provide you with reliable, unbiased, and up-to-date information. Let us help you make an informed decision so you can enjoy a clean and healthy home.

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