The bathroom is a common and essential matter. You have to know how to handle it and stay away from its harmful things. Because a bathroom is the residence of germs and bacteria. Here are some unhygienic mistakes to avoid in the bathroom:

01. Flushing the toilet with the toilet lid open

This is the main mistake in the bathroom. And it is also related to all the unhygienic topics. About 60% of people skip this critical hygienic habit. Cleaning experts say: “when flushing a toilet with the lid open,  germy water particles (and anything else in the toilet) can spray throughout the room — up to 6 feet from the toilet. This fact was first discussed in a 1975 study completed by germ expert Dr. Charles Gerba, and it has been proven numerous times since then. He and his team investigated that bacteria can linger in the air long enough to form a filthy film all over the room. 


Make sure to keep the toilet lid close at all times, especially while flushing that. 

02. Keeping your toothbrush close to the toilet

As previously indicated, there’s a lot of potential for bacterial contamination in the bathroom. If you leave your toothbrush on the bathroom counter or near the sink, it will absorb whatever is in the air. Then it goes into your mouth. Gross. The American Society for Microbiology confirmed (in 2015) that “toothbrushes can serve as a vector for the transmission of potentially pathogenic organisms.”

The matter is much worse when you share your bathroom with another person. And when your toothbrush 

Is contaminated with other’s feces from another person that includes germs, viruses, or parasites that are not naturally occurring in your body.


Store your brush in an upright position and avoid touching other brushes to reduce the risk of contamination.

03. Leaving the shower unclean for months

About 43% of people neglect this normal but serious thing of their laziness. You might assume that your shower is clean since it appears to be clean and safe. But undesirable materials like soap scum, hard water, and others gather everywhere. Fortunately, there are simple techniques for cleaning the shower and tub that make you happy.


Always dry the shower when you are done. Once a week, take a few minutes to clean tiles and fixtures around the shower with an eraser or white vinegar. And the good news is that you can wash the shower in your washing machine.

04. Assuming dry towels as clean towels

Many people let their towels dry on hooks. This is not a good habit. You shouldn’t assume that dry towels as clean towels. Cause long-time used towels can contain germs and bacteria. So you must be concerned.


Change your towels every week and launder the used towels. Don’t do a smell test or be lazy to switch used towels. Never share your towel with another or make one towel for all. 

05. Using cell phones in the bathroom

Anything you bring into the bathroom can become contaminated with lingering germs or feces. Even if you wash your hands after each bathroom break, we’re guessing you don’t also disinfect your phone before putting it to your face when your mother calls later. Ew.


It’s easy and simple, don’t use your cell phone in the bathroom.

06. Reusing a loofah for a long time.

Many people are loofah lovers, but these shower sponges can be a breeding ground for germs. 


If you use a luffa plant-based natural loofah, replace it every three weeks and clean it once a week with a diluted bleach solution. Replace plastic loofahs every two months, and avoid storing them in the shower, which creates a moist environment ideal for bacteria growth.

The overall solution to stay away from any type of germs and bacteria is keeping clean the bathroom. And you have to use disinfectant while cleaning.

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