No one thinks about bathroom cleaning until it gets dirty. But it’s never desirable. Because most bacteria and germs grow up in the bathroom when it is left for a long time. So, you should have an idea about bathroom cleaning that which important to do daily or weekly, or monthly. You can properly clean your bathroom by following these steps:

01. Remove Unusual Items

Remove all items that maybe you need to wash (like used towels) or change (like used loofah). Make sure that you have no unusual products or things in the bathroom. Then prepare to clean and make shiny your bathroom.

02. Sweep Up

To remove dust, take a duster and clean any cobwebs on ceilings or walls or behind the doors. Then sweep the whole dust that spreads out on the floors or use a vacuum.

03. Clean The Shower and Bathtub

Use an all-purpose cleaner to clean the shower and bathtub. Or you can use a homemade eco-friendly cleaner for these. Do this once or twice a month. Ensure that shower and bathtub are free from germs while cleaning. You can use any type of disinfectant for this.

04. Wipe down Countertops and Disinfect The Sink

After cleaning the shower and bathtub go to the countertops and down with a microfiber cloth or you can use a mini squeegee for better practice. Then clean the basin sink and disinfect. You can use lemon with salt and scrub the sink for better results. 

05. Clean the Toilet

The main thing in your bathroom is the toilet. Most germs and bacteria can spread from here. So you should keep clean the toilet all time. First, scrub with a brush and use liquid toilet cleaner then clean it

06. Mop the Floor

Make a homemade cleaner with bleach or baking soda and diluted water. Now mop the floor with this home remedy properly. You can use all other cleaners that are available in the store and are suitable for your bathroom tile and grout. 

07. Organize All Items

And now, decorate all items you need in the bathroom such as a new towel, new loofah, and any other things. But don’t make your bathroom messy with unnecessary stuff. Cause it will make your bathroom look ugly and you feel uncomfortable. 


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