In contrast to regular electric fans, Vornado fans are safer and require less maintenance. It’s likely that your fan will accumulate dust particles if you use it frequently. Depending on whether you have a tower fan or a box fan, the cleaning procedure is easy and will provide you with a breeze free of dust.

There are Popular two shapes of Vornado fans. One is a round shape/small size and the other is in a tower or standing shape. And also these have different ways to keep clean. We will talk about all types below.

How to Clean a Vornado Tower/Large Fan?


Vornado tower fan is mostly used in bedrooms or drawing rooms. So, if you have a tower fan, first remove the fan from the base. If your fan has a cover, remove the cover.

01. Using a vacuum cleaner brush, remove the dust from the outside grills.

Using a vacuum cleaner brush, remove the dust from the outside fan grills.
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Before starting, turn off the fan. To completely remove all of the dust from the outer grills, use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Before vacuuming, make sure the fan is unplugged.

When vacuuming, move carefully to remove as much dust as you can. This won’t clean the fan’s inner blades; only its outside will be cleaned.

02. If you want to focus on specific dust areas, use compressed air.

Use Compressed Air to Clean Vornado Fan
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You can clean out your tower fan using an air compressor if you have one. You may also purchase a can of compressed air to clean the fan; all you have to do is point the nozzle at the dust and spray air into the vents to clear them.

Before using an air compressor or compressed air can, make sure you move your tower fan outside while leaving it unplugged to reduce dust from flying inside your home.

  • Don’t shake the compressed air container.
  • Air compressors range in price from $50 to $500, although compressed air cans cost between $10 and $20. They can be purchased online or at a home improvement store.
  • To avoid breathing in dust or other particles, put on a mask.

03. If you have a leaf blower, remove the dust.

Use a leaf blower to clean Vornado fan
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You can remove dirt and dust from the tower fan by using a leaf blower if you have one available. After turning on the blower, blow air into the fan’s grill. Make sure the fan is unplugged while you use the leaf blower outside.

  • Although you won’t be able to blow specific areas, this strategy should provide the highest amount of coverage.
  • You can avoid getting dust in your eyes, nose, or mouth by using a mask and safety glasses.

04. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the fan’s outside.

Use microfiber cloth to Clean Vornado Fan
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To clean the tower fan’s exterior, use a soft, clean microfiber cloth or rug. Any remaining dirt or dust will be removed as a result. When cleaning the fan, there is no need to use water or cleaning agents.

  • Your fan could be cleaned with a duster as well.

How to Clean a Vornado Small Fan?


Box fans are mostly used in reading tables or computer tables. So if you have a Vornado box fan clean it regularly to take pure air. Here are some tips to make your box fan clean and fresh.

01. For general cleaning, use a handheld vacuum or feather duster.

Use Feather Duster To Clean Vornado Fan
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To remove dust from the box fan’s inner section or inlet ribs, use a handheld vacuum. To remove dirt or dust, you can also use a feather duster. Before cleaning, make sure the fan is unplugged, and avoid using water on the outer ribs.

  • Use a clean cloth to remove sticky dirt stains.

02. To fully clean the fan, remove the grill.

Remove Vornado Fan Grill to Clean
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Follow the directions for your individual model of Vornado box fan to remove the grill. Most likely, you’ll need to detach the grill hooks and remove the screws that are all around the grill.

  • You can find removal instructions in your owner’s manual or online.

03. Dust the grill or wash it with dish soap to clean it.

Use a cloth or feather duster to dust the grill after it has been correctly removed. It’s alright to use water on the grill if you’d want to wash it. To get rid of any dust and debris, use dish soap and water.

  • Never leave the grill in the dishwasher to avoid heat damaging it.

04. Use a wet towel to clean the blades.

Clean Vornado fan Blade

Use a clean cloth soaked with plain water to remove any dust before cleaning the blades. It’s ok to use water on the blades as long as you dry them off immediately. You can wash the blades of your fan with mild soap if it was in an oily area, such as a kitchen.

05. Once it has completely dried, reassemble the fan.

Reassemble the fan by screwing the grill back into place with the screws you removed after all of the parts have dried off. Check the user manual for the fan if you need assistance.

  • Before reassembling the parts and putting the fan into an outlet, make sure the fan’s blades and grill are fully dry.

Note: The Vornado instruction manuals advise against disassembling tower fans for cleaning because doing so will void your warranty. It’s okay to disassemble box fans.

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