How To Clean Hoka Shoes Safely And Effectively

How To Clean Hoka Shoes Safely And Effectively

Hoka shoes are some of the most popular running shoes on the market and for good reason. They are extremely comfortable, durable, and affordable. However, like any other piece of footwear, they can become dirty and need to be cleaned occasionally. Here are four tips to help you clean your Hoka shoes safely and effectively:

  1. Use mild soap or shampoo.
    Hoka shoes are made from natural materials like rubber and mesh, which means they may contain oils and sweat residue. Soap or shampoo with a mild formula will be safe for these materials and will clean the shoes well.
  2. Shampoo the inside first.
    Once you’ve cleaned the exterior of your Hoka shoes with mild soap or shampoo, it’s important to wash the insides as well. This will remove any residual dirt or sweat residue that may have built up during use.
  3. Rinse thoroughly.
    Once you’ve washed the inside and outside of your Hoka shoes, rinse them thoroughly using running water or cold water from the tap. Make sure to agitate (turn) the shoes in order to remove all traces of soap or shampoo from their surface.
  4. Let them dry naturally if possible.
    If you can, let your Hoka shoes air-dry rather than using a hair dryer or heat gun. This will help to preserve the materials that make up these shoes and also reduce the risk of damaging them further.

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