Rothys are shoes made from recycled water bottles. These are also known as environmentally friendly shoes. There are many kinds of colors and shapes available for these shoes. They’re worth any type of function, or festival and are also perfect fashionable shoes. After wearing your Rothys for a long time they’re going to accumulate dirt and dust in it. So, it’s time to wash them properly and prepare them for the next time. Shoe washing can be a boring job but it needs to be done. You can wash your Rothys in the washing machine and make it perfect for your next use.

How To Wash Your Rothys In The Washing Machine?

01. Take out the insoles from your shoes.

To clean your Rothys properly remove the insoles of your shoes and wash them separately. Fortunately, the insoles of Rothys are easy to remove. You can make your own natural cleaning solution for insoles. Mix up ⅕ of baking soda in pure water and dip the insoles into this solution. Wait about five to ten minutes then wash them with normal water and hang them for a natural dry. You can wash the insoles with the Rothys in your washing machine.

  • If you don’t know how to clean your insoles in the washing machine read the instruction for machine wash.

02. Place your shoes and insoles in the washer.

The best way to clean your shoes is to place them separately or with some of your clothes not too much. Don’t put your shoes with too many clothes in the washer. Because this will not clean your shoes properly and will not satisfy you. Always use cold water for your Rothys.

  • Always add some clothes with the shoes. This will help the shoes while the spin cycle.

03. Add mild detergent.

Liquid detergent can be harmful to your shoes. It can damage the plastic part of the shoes and reduce your Rothys durability. So always try to use any mild detergent while cleaning your shoes. Especially choose detergents that are designed for baby clothes or delicate clothing.

  • If you are in a hurry and don’t have mild detergent you can use the multi-purpose commercial cleaning solution.

04. Keep your washing machine in delicate mode, on a cold cycle.

The delicate wash extracts water from the laundry by using a slow spin cycle and less agitation. So, this will not affect the quality of your shoes. It’s also known as the best alternative to handwashing. And the cold water will keep your shoes safe from any type of damage to the fabric parts. On the other hand, your Rothys can be damaged if you clean them in a heavy-duty cycle. If you notice that your shoes still have dirt or are unclean try another wash in the same way in delicate mode.

05. Select a specific time to wash.

If you are in a hurry and want to wear your Rothys in the next few hours don’t wash them now. Because Rothys need a normal air dry that can be about seven or eight hours. The drying depends on the weather in your area. So, always schedule a specific time for your shoe cleaning so that you can get enough time to give a perfect normal air dry for your Rothys. If you choose overnight drying after washing it will be the better one. Besides, if you want to wear your Rothys in the evening wash them at night and let them dry from morning to evening.

06. Give your Rothys an air dry overnight.

Rothys ingredients allow you to dry them overnight. You can hang them to dry overnight after washing them without any hesitation. Also, you can leave your shoes outdoors or indoors to dry.

07. Don’t use a dryer machine.

Cleaning experts don’t prefer you to dry your Rothyd in a dryer machine. Because you that Rothys are made from recycled plastic. A dryer’s heat can damage the plastic fabric in your Rothys. Always dry your Rothys naturally. Or if you are in a hurry you can set a fan towards the shoes. This method will help you to dry it quickly.

08. Hang the insoles separately for drying.

After washing your Rothys and their insoles hang them separately to dry insoles properly. If you put the insoles in your Rothys by mistake they will take a long time to dry or they may remain wet inside.  

09. Put the insoles in the Rothys.

After drying properly put the insoles into the shoes like before. Fold the insoles while putting them in the shoes.

Note: You can purchase an extra pair of insoles to save you time. And you will be able to wash and replace your insoles as needed. 

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