A tote bag is usually used for carrying shopping or essential things. It provides many extra advantages. Commonly poly bags or plastic bags are used one time. But instead of these bags, tote bags are reusable and washable. Tote bags are also one of the most popular bags to carry your clothes and essentials to beach or tour spots. Always try to keep your tote bag clean and fresh. Here are some easy and effective tips for cleaning your tote bag.

Before starting, gather some essential cleaning items.

  • Mild soap
  • Deionized water or cold water
  • Washcloth (reusable)

Mild soap is commonly used for cleaning your household items. It is beneficial to do regular cleaning. Pour enough deionized water into a bucket and mix up with some mild soap in it. If you haven’t deionized water you can make it for yourself within some time. Or you can use cold water instead of deionized water. Now dip your tote bag into the bucket and leave it for five to ten minutes. Here your time depends on how much dust or stain has accumulated in your tote bag. After a few minutes, scrub your bag’s parts with each other. Then throw away soapy water from the bucket and fill it with Pure normal water and wash your tote bag with this properly.

But if your tote bag has a little stain you can give it a spot clean. No need to dip your bag into soapy water. First, take a microfiber cloth or a washcloth and soak it in mild soap. Now scrub the specific spot that contains any type of stain with the soaked part of your washcloth. After scrubbing gently wash the spot with pure water and give it a natural dry.

Can you wash your tote bag in the washing machine?

No. Cleaning experts always recommend avoiding any type of machine wash for your tote bag. Although machine washing brings extra cleanliness to your clothes and other things, it can damage the tote bag’s color and spoil the maximum durability. So you have to avoid putting your tote bag in the washing machine to protect your bag from any type of damage.

Can you put your tote bag in the dryer?

No, you should not put the washed tote bag in the dryer. Although you cannot notice the damage issue on the first day, the dryer reduces the durability of your tote bags. So, always try to wash your tote bag manually and choose the natural dry.

How often should you wash tote bags?

Normally the tote bags are used while buying groceries or other essential things from shops. You can wash your tote bag after each use to remove any dirt or debris and germs or bacteria. Don’t worry about regular cleaning. If you clean your tote bag after every use it will help to keep your bag free from all stains or germs always. Besides, it will make your cleaning easy as you wash it regularly.

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