Wool shoes are a stylish and comfortable option for many people. Like all other shoes, wool shoes also get dirty after use. Dirty clothes or shoes bring you to start a cleaning process to make them perfect for your next use. Our experts researched and gathered a quick and easy method to wash wool shoes perfectly

Step 1: Remove the footbed from your Merino shoes.

Step 2: Put the shoes in a linen bag.

Step 3: Wash the shoes in a washing machine using a Woolmark-approved wool cycle. If you don’t have a Woolmark-approved wool cycle, use cold water and a wool or delicates cycle.

Step 4: Use wool detergent without additional enzymes.

Step 5: Air dry the shoes.

Tip 1: Do not use fabric softener.

Tip 2: Do not put the shoes in the dryer.

Can You Put Wool Shoes in the Dryer?

Can You Put Wool Shoes in the Dryer?

No, you should not put wool shoes in the dryer. Wool shoes should be air-dried to avoid excessive heat, which can shrink the wool and damage the shoes.

You can check the garment care label and “ok tumble” symbol to see if a wool garment can go in the dryer. In general, natural fibers like wool and cotton tend to shrink when exposed to heat.

Are Wool Shoes Breathable?

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Yes, wool shoes are breathable like Vessi, Hoka shoes, and others. Wool is a natural fiber that absorbs moisture and evaporates it, which means you will sweat less than in any other synthetic or leather shoes. Wool also has a natural crimp that creates warm air by trapping still air, which helps keep your feet warm in the winter.

Wool is also lighter than any other shoe material, so your feet won’t get tired after walking in wool shoes.

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