How to Wash Wool Shoes? | Experts Tips for 2023

Wool shoes are a stylish and comfortable option for many people. Like all other shoes, wool shoes also get dirty after use. Dirty clothes or shoes bring you to start a cleaning process to make them perfect for your next use. Our experts researched and then gather some useful effective tips to make your washing proper with some simple tasks. So without any delay let’s jump into the article.

Step 01: Remove any dirt or debris from the shoes.

Take a soft brush and gently scrub your shoes and remove any access dirt or debris that may have accumulated on your shoes. You can use a damp or used cloth instead of the brush.

Step 02: Prepare a cleaning solution.

Our experts prefer to use a commercial cleaning solution that is specified for wool shoes. Because they are made professionally. Also modified and tested by experts. But if don’t have this and you are unable to collect that, you can make a homemade solution for wool shoes. To make this mix a small amount of general mild detergents or baby shampoo, with warm water in a small bowl or container. Make sure the solution is not too sudsy.

Step 03: Clean the shoes.

After preparing the solution it’s time to apply it to your wool shoes. Use a mini scrub brush to scrub your shoes. Be careful while scrubbing and pay extra attention to the particularly dirty or stained areas. Always avoid using commercial stain remover for your wool shoes. If you don’t have a mini scrub and also don’t want to buy it you can use a used soft toothbrush instead of it.

Step 04: Rinse the shoes.

After washing your shoes properly fill a bucket or a bowl with normal water. You can rinse your shoes by pouring water on them or you can dip them into the bucket or the bowl. Remove all bubbles by washing them properly. 

Step 05: Dry the shoes.

Stuff the shoes with newspaper or a clean cloth to help them keep their shape while drying. Allow them to air dry in a cool, well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

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