Can You use squeegee on a car

Can You Use a Squeegee On a Car?

No, you shouldn’t use a squeegee on your car for cleaning. Because it can be harmful to car painting/screen. And the paint or finish of your car might be easily scratched with a squeegee. However, you can clean your car’s windshield by using a squeegee. But our experts warned that you have to use a silicone squeegee carefully when you want to clean your car windshield. While your home window and car windshield are not the same. And the other squeegees could make a negative effect on the car windows.

Does squeegee damage car paint?

Yes, using a squeegee can damage car paint. Always use specific car-wash products that are perfectly designed for automotive paint.

Will a squeegee scratch your car?

As mentioned before a squeegee can damage your car.  Just like that squeegee using can scratch your car and can spoil the beauty of your car. 

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