A squeegee is a blade made of leather or rubber that is attached to a handle and is used to push, distribute, or wipe liquid substance over, off of, or onto a surface. (Like window or floor)

Why is it called a squeegee?

The term “squeege,” which originally appeared in print in 1783 and means to press or squeeze, maybe the source of the name “squeegee.”

When the drama Which is the Man? was being performed in the Covent Garden Theatre in 1782, the nearly related “squeedging” practice is said to have had its first there. through Hannah Cowley.

What is the use of a squeegee?

There are many uses for a squeegee. Normally a squeegee is used for window cleaning or floor cleaning. It can easily wipe down liquid materials and clear the whole surface with its proper use. 

Purpose of Floor Squeegee?

Squeegee, The multi-purpose cleaning solution

A floor squeegee is an excellent tool for removing water from an area. They are beneficial for pushing large amounts of water toward floor drains and any other type of drain. In addition, they can be used on a variety of floors, including concrete, asphalt, and just about any other smooth surface. A common form of floor squeegee has a blade made of foam material. The squeegee rests in a cast aluminum socket that can be straight or curved, depending on the intended application. Straight squeegees are ideal for moving large volumes of water while curved squeegee blades are best suited for directing water toward floor drains. They are available in a range of diameters ranging from 15 to 48 inches to accommodate even the largest of spaces, and their foam blades can be replaced as they wear down over time.

Can you use a squeegee on hardwood floors?

Yes, a floor squeegee can be used on hardwood floors. This device is especially effective in removing dirt, dust, and debris from hard surfaces. It can also be used to clean stubborn spots and remove tar or wax residue. You may want to use a floor squeegee for a few purposes. For example, you may want to remove water spots or other marks from your hardwood floors. You can also use it to clean the dust off of the floor or to remove dried paint or other debris. The best way to apply the squeegee is to first wet the surface you want to clean. Then, spray the area with water using the nozzle of the squeegee. As you move the squeegee across the surface, water will flow through the filter and into the bucket at the bottom of the squeegee.

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Will a floor squeegee work on windows?

Yes, it could bring a great result for windows. Squeegees can help remove residue and do not leave lint, dust, or streaks behind. 

How do you professionally clean windows with a squeegee?

How do you professionally clean windows with a squeegee

There are many reasons why you might need to clean windows with a squeegee. Maybe the dirt and dust have built up over time, or there’s a coating of film on the surface that needs to be removed.

Here are some ideas on how to do it correctly:

01. Choose the right squeegee.

Squeegee with a wide blade that can reach into tight spaces is the best option for cleaning windows. If you don’t have one of these, you can also use a window cleaner spray or a bucket and sponge. Point to be noted if you haven’t any squeegee you can make it on your own.

02. Take a cleaning solution

You have to gather any type of cleaning solution that will be used for the window. If you don’t have any window cleaner, nothing to worry about it. You can make homemade washing solutions with some of the household items that you already have at your home. 

03. Position yourself correctly.

Before starting, take some time to position yourself correctly so that you’re working with the least amount of resistance possible. If you’re using a bucket and sponge, squat down so your hands are lower than your waist and hold the sponge close to the glass. For window cleaning spray, hold it about 18 inches away from the glass and aim it toward the top of the window (away from any reflections).

04. Clean the surface.

Start by cleaning the surface of the window with the wide blade of your squeegee. Make sure to go around all the edges and corners, as this is where the dirt and debris tend to accumulate.

05. Wipe off the surface with a cloth or a piece of paper towel

When you’re finished, use a cloth or paper towel to wipe off the surface of the window.

06. Rinse and wipe down the squeegee and your tools.

Rinse off your squeegee and cleaning tools thoroughly with water, then dry them off completely before storing them away.

Difference between window squeegee and floor squeegee

A window squeegee is similar to a floor squeegee, except for the fact that it has a long handle. A window squeegee is used to clean windows after they have been sprayed with liquids or to push water down into drains. 

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